Have you ever beaten up a collegue of yours in your job's place?

In da place where u work... not in a park or some bar (unless u work in a bar... so it counts as job's place)... but THERE...

Have u ever done it?


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  • no I don't solve my issues by "beating up" others, I talk it out.

    • Sometimes violence is a solution...

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    • *by default...

    • thanks I feel the love (;

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  • Not in seriousness. I fake-beat-up a lot of kids at jobs though, haha. Anywhere there was a pile of empty boxes, you know I was looking to toss someone into them😂 I worked at a couple bars, so a few coworkers who got too sauced and got angry when they were shut off had to be removed, but I was never trying to hurt them, I was cool with pretty much everyone.

  • nope

  • Nope, maybe a little argument, lol.

    • any punches at least?

    • Nope, no really. Lets just put it this way, lol... He was black and the cashier and so were the customers and I was white. They were talking about Michael Jackson and his skin condition and I said, he got a million surgeries and put bleaching creme and took stuf to make himself look white on purpose.


    • Nedless to say, they were annoyed with me, but the cashier jumped in, good thing to. Better to argue with an employee than a customer, lol.