GAGers, what is one social norm that you hate :(?


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  • "Do not eat sloppily or fast."
    Hold up player, what if I dont eat fast but you just eat too slow?

    "Do not curse in polite conversation."
    I can bloody say the fuck I want.

    "Do not wear casual clothes in a fine dining restaurant."
    Why not fam? I am paying for this experience, I want to be as comfortable as possible so that I can enjoy my investment.

    "Do not eat off another person’s plate or use another person's utensils."
    What if I wanna taste their noms?

    "Do not walk through a drive through."
    If you didn't want me to walk through the drivethough then maybe, just maybe, you could have placed more than one person on the cash registers.

    "Do not say "I’ll wait for the next one" if only one person is on board."
    What if its a creepy lookin motherfucker?

    "Do not stare at the teacher."
    Then why the hell am I in school? To stare out the window?

    "Mow your lawn."
    No, I want the snakes to be happy.

    "Apply sun screen at the beach."
    I live in a free country and if I wanna get a skin cancer it is my right as a free citizen to do so. Suck it.

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    • No your exactly right. We have done it before. So it was werid haha. Unless it was because we were jumping to get the alarm to go off to notify them someone is at the drive through window haha

    • Thank you for the MHO :D

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  • I hate nothing cause I believe hatred is something so intense that it becomes you when you hate something / someone :)

    Yes there are a few things that I dislike one of the foremost being 'hypocrisy in social norms' when people keep changing their norms based on convenience :)

  • I hate the walking down the hall and passing someone... they say "How's it going?" and then walk on without waiting to hear your answer. You don't want to know how it's going so why the hell are you asking?

  • I dont like shaking hands!

    • Me too! Especially shaking hands with salespersons :(

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    • Thats not a common business practice 😛 it's a bit rude as well

    • Haha, yeah. They would only frighten away more customers :-P

  • "stop at a red light"
    "go at a green light"

    had no idea those were social norms lol

  • Dont you just hate when you have to stop at a red light? I mean I have things to do, so I think I should have the option to just stop everyone and go because it's so obvious that I am more important than everyone else in the world. I also stop at green lights, just because I can. (I'm teasing for those who dont know)

  • Wear clothes , similar style no no everyone entitled to self expression

  • that people are born gay


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