Anyone else like really angry at god?

Two things,
If you are going to preach go elsewhere.
If you are going to tell me you don't think god exists, go elsewhere.
To the first, I'm pissed at god have been for a while so don't come thinking that proselytizing is gonna 'save my soul'
Yeah I believe in god, I have had experiences that I cannot explain logically, that the explanation is paranormal.
Now some people would be happy about it, saying that something opened up to them. Me in a roundabout way it makes me angry..
I've got clinical depression, Had it since I was a toddler, My brain has a chemical imbalance that makes me lose all feeling slowly where the only emotions I can feel are anger and sometimes sadness at the worst of it.
These days I'm feeling better but it comes back still on occasion. I've got other mental health issues, ASD and ADHD.
And I see kids with cancer, I see good people hurt by things completely out of their control. People like me with issues with their brain in ways we cannot control.
Then I go through these things that have happened to me,
and before you go off on me, the last one one happened in a way that I can't find any other goddamn explaination, in some ways I'd rather it have a rational explaination. But after seeing all this and coming to the realization that god or maybe a goddess, exists and so does all this awful shit.
I get very angry at him/her Its been building for months.
Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant

Really, I feel slightly better today, I'm still pissed though
I feel much better now


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  • Hugs to you. I know how hard it is to wrestle your thoughts on sad things. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow about your life and god. If you have feelings, and don't know what to do about them, I recommend writing it down. I have done this since I was a little girl


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  • It's normal to be mad at God. Sometimes things happen because there are bad people in the world, sometimes because Satan loves to see us suffer, and sometimes so that God can show us his power and mercy later. We don't always know why he allows what he does, but because we are human, we might not agree. Luckily, God can take it. He knows our hearts.

    • Yeah, thats the thing though, gods supposed to have far more power than satan
      Enough to make all this go away and he doesn't
      That makes me angry

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    • And I also have ASD

  • God has given us freedom of will. So people take that freedom and do whatever. what kind of life would we have if god steppes in and stopped us from doing everything he disliked. hence why god favored us so much, we evolved on our own we were stubborn, lustful. arrogant... etc and Lucifer despised god for his favor of humans. Mental illness or a mental disorder is all curable, many people cure them naturally, even science k own they are curable but choose not to. Remmwber our thoughts shape us, keep telling yourself that you suffer from no mental illness or disorders
    I just learned the power of saying the blood of Jesus when I needed help. So say on the blood of Jesus my mental illness and disorders will go away. Ask god for help , nothing works right away it takes time but he will get your prayer... fyi I was atheist until a few years ago, when I stopped hating someone I really sisnt know and opened my heart and mind to him my life changed for the better

    • No mental illness is not curable, its treatable,
      never truly goes away

    • Hmm, I had ADD and ADHD and depression since I was a kid. I changed my out look on life, changed my diet, scenery, got physical and I stopped taking meds but herbs. Mental illness is curable. The brain rewires itself in a year, like is said science doesn't want you cure it. I'd so research If I were you on natural ways.

  • I am not angry at God.

    I too have depression.
    And just a couple of months ago, I realized all I could feel were anger and hunger

    I felt top empty.

    And not to mention, I failed at all the things that were important to me.

    I lost a good friendship.

    But despite that, I couldn't be angry at God because last couple of months, I rarely prayed to God.

    I couldn't even get myself to do it.

    I was scared that I would vanish just like my interests , hobbies were slowly vanishing.

    I read articles that gave me some hope but then other articles that said that I can't really get rid of this thing in me

    I was afraid I would turn suicidal... Worst actually attempt to do it.

    And lack of family support made things worst.

    Then, I started to actually wonder about life and who knows what.

    All I remember is laying down on my bed one night and keep on listing different ways I can cure myself.

    Nothing gave me guarantee.

    No source seemed powerful enough to help me.

    That's when God came to mind and I realize how much I miss Him and I found comfort in just the thought of Him.

    And that's when I found my cure.

    I read a saying that goes, God never burdens a soul more than He can handle.

    Before my depression started to show seriois sigb, I remember waiting for a challenge in life.

    Everyone was being tested except me.

    And God tests those He loves.

    And I never realized that this was my test.

    Until recently and now I feel much better.

    Put your trust in God and pray.


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  • I think anger and sadness are the easiest to feel. The rest you have to work at.

    ASD? a developmental disability characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.

    ADHD is a chronic condition marked by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and sometimes impulsivity. ADHD begins in childhood and often lasts into adulthood. As many as 2 out of every 3 children with ADHD continue to have symptoms as adults.
    -That one almost describes me at times, but I just don't know. I mean there are things that make me either not pay attention or not give a crap. Boring teachers for one. I was ripped out of 2 different classes in school, was put with good teachers and did well until I was ripped out of that class along with other students and put with a crappy teacher and flunked miserably.
    _______________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    -I dont quite understand what you are going through.

    How can a toddler have clinical depression? Just curious.

  • 1) Everything has a rational explanation we just don't always find it
    2) Your anger is directed at your misfortunes not at god because you can't hate an intangible being
    3) Shit happens, there will always be things outside our control

    Why does shit happen?
    Because the universe is random, there's no structure, no one universal ruler making everything right

  • How could I be angry at something that wasn't ever proven to exist and that others just imagine according to their wishes?

  • I think you might want to start smokin weed

    • I dislike taking the medication I have to take, I don't want to spend the little cash I have, ones that could go to my dates with my girlfriend or video games, or Christmas and birthday gifts, on weed

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    • I'm a college student with a fairly serious girlfriend and I live at home out of necessity
      So no, Weed is out of the question,
      Firstly money,
      Five dollars a day at 12 days a full priced video game, more than enough money for a date. 3 meals for me eating out.
      five dollars at six is what I prefer to pay for video games.
      Plus I experience ASMR , That's like the ulitmate natural high and I don't have to do anything except listen to a video off youtube or the falling rain

    • ASMr is like a Calming runners high to clarify,
      Its essentially a calming tingling in your scalp induced by noises. or other stimuli
      Some people call it a brain orgasm and thats nothing like what it feels like.
      Its calming, like tea and a good book on a rainy daysitting by a fire calming

  • God doesn't do it God just allows it to happen. For a purpose.

    Suffering has purpose. It tests our faith and if we turn to God for help in our suffering He makes us stronger. Like clay being pressed and molded into a vessel, or like gold being purified in fires of a furnace, the trials and sufferings of life shape our character and give us spiritual growth. At the end of your life you can say that despite it all, you are a stronger man than you ever would have been otherwise, and remained faithful to God.

    Nobody likes to accept it, but this world is fallen and suffering. God allows us to face the suffering of this life, with the promise that all of it will come to an end, and we shall have our rest and peace in the next life, the eternal one. It's simply how He does things, who are we to question His ways?

    • Because we are the ones suffering, gods omnipotent and doesn't suffer

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    • So why do we get to suffer but not him

    • Well He is God why would He suffer that doesn't make sense. But even still, He did suffer as Christ on the cross bearing the sins of all mankind, that is a worse suffering than anything we can suffer. He paid the price of condemnation and death so we would not have to.

  • I used to hate, to despise the world, for its current state, I finally recognized the difference between what I hate and what I love, and now I can draw the distinction, and understand that what I hate is simply an obstacle that has to be overcome so that what I love can take root and grow greater.

    • I'd be happy to talk to you in a more personal manner, feel free to contact me.

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    • just to account for this phenomenon that describes the nature of nature outside of its own internal structure but to include its external structure and thereby it's overall format.

    • Shit happens for a scientific reason, every force has an equal and opposite reaction.