Was she rude? I think she was?

When I went to meet the career centre lady she was being pretty offensive.

Like smirking when I was telling her I was taking courses to get into law school. Or saying, "Yeah I only have 2mins I have a lot of work to do," when I didn't even go overtime. What the fuck is her problem?

When I said I'd put in an application, she was like, "... sure."

Um.. ridiculous much?


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  • Yes, of course that's disrespectful and rude behaviour on her part

    • Should I report her? I feel like doing that, but I don't think she's worth it

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  • Yes, she was being rude. Some people are just bitches for no reason.


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  • Lol what? I suppose it's hard to properly convey the conversation you had with this woman but it doesn't sound all that bad. Are you certain she was being as rude as you're thinking?

  • She probably sees you as a joke. Prove her wrong!

    • You know the funny part was, even I was like all, "I'm going to prove her wrong.'

      But then I was like who the fuck is she? She wasn't educated herself properly if she's working that type of job, so why should I have to prove something to her?

      I may have a small percent of a shot at goign to law school but at least I have a shot. She, on the other hand, would get in when hell froze over.

    • You're right. Don't mind that jealous bitch.

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