Should I quit soccer or not?

This year I decided to play soccer for my highschool team, 1. To get better at soccer 2. To help lose weight and get fit. There are a couple problems though, this year they decided to make soccer 3 hours long instead of 2 which means I get home when it's pretty dark, our team captain doesn't like me, she is nice to her soccer friends but not me and a couple others, but I don't want to quit then again I completely hate it and hate being there, I honestly don't know what to do. I would love to hear your opinions.

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  • I couldn't really pick an answer. However I can say, if you love soccer, keep going. Now, you've basically got the two options, but think about them deeply:

    Continue Soccer: challenge yourself to your enemies (your trainer who hates you) and test your capacities. Get better at soccer, and if you're godlike you could very well get a scholarship in college. Needless to say, it's a great gay to relief stress and get fit, but not a good idea if you constantly hate being there.

    Quit Soccer: remove the grief from your days, and keep going on your life. Screw soccer, you might not really get THAT good either way, and there are other activities to get fit that you can do, like going to the gym, or swimming. No longer have to endure your asshole coach.

    in my opinion, I would quit it but make sure I do something else as work out. That's because I have not really enjoyed soccer that much, and if going to have an asshole coach, I better seek something else; I don't need to be suppressed by anyone --don't need her bullshit. If you're still trying to get better a scholarship sounds way too far from reach too, so there's really nothing you can get from continuing unless you do love soccer.

    • If i do decide to quit then I was going to go back to track like I was before, thanks for your opinion by the way

    • I agree 100% with this opinion.

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  • soccer isn't fun if you have a captain cunt (trust me i was on my highschool soccer team too) if its about being fit you can always go to the gym and you need to take in your academic schedule too. towards your junior and senior it's more crucial to get good grades. If you want to continue soccer you can join a rec team and most of the time those are more fun and the girl on the team are much more fun to hangout with. lol but this is all your decision so choose wisely!


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  • Sometimes you need to feel your way around a bit to find the sport for you. Even though soccer is generally an all-inclusive sport, it just isn't the case for everyone.

    Take me for example. I tried soccer as a kid and found it really boring so I didn't commit and ended up being terrible at it. I was good at athletics though. So I knew there must be something I was good at and gave rugby a go and exelled at it.

    My advice is quit soccer, take up athletics and try out other sports like tennis or field hockey.

  • I hated almost all of my teammates

    I still played for 2 years

    it's not for everyone though, and it's a lot of practice to get better

    if you wanna be fit just do track

    • That's what I will be doing if I decide to quit soccer

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