Should Chinese thanks European Army took Beijing in 1900?

Three reasons
1) China was enslaved by manchus for 300 years till 1911. European saved chinese.

Manchu conquest of China - Wikipedia

The population rate was 100,000,000 chinese VS 1.000.000 manchus.
manchus killed tens millions chinese.

A small American and European army took Beijing in 1900, and china gained its freedom in 1911.
Eight-Nation Alliance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2) Euroepan saved china from dark age.
The horrible Chinese law (Till the early 1900's)

A) Killing a person, and killing all relatives of the person,

and killing all relatives of all relatives of the person...
It is called the execution of 9 degrees of kinship.

Nine familial exterminations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

B) Chopping people into at least 1000 pieces.

Slow slicing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3) European saved many Taiwanese aboriginals. Since We changed chinese culture.
Chinese in Taiwan ate and traded in the flesh of Taiwanese aboriginals.

Cannibalism, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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  • Japan too invaded China:
    The USA and other countries used a civil war as excuse to invade the USSR in 1919.

    Germany invaded Europe twice (The second time it was financed by the USA, later defeated by the USSR and the USA)

    Belgian king Leopold owned Congo privately , committed a cruel genocide and was forced by the Berlin conference to abandon it to the Belgian State at the end of the 19th century.

    • European and America saved china Two times,. China has to thanks Europe and USA.

      1) Japan invaded china in WWII, and killed tens millions chinese. (The highest figure is 32 million.)
      Three millions chinese women were …. ed.
      Second Sino-Japanese War - Wikipedia
      Nanking Massacre - Wikipedia

      2) In WWII, Japan took the Chinese capital and lost only 2000 soldiers.
      Battle of Nanking - Wikipedia

      3) All Chinese big cities were ruled by Japan in WWII, included Beijing, shanghai.
      Chinese population is 10 times bigger than Japanese population.

      Russia and USA saved china.

      US killed 1 million japanese soldiers and lost 100,000.