Wouldn't you be mad?

So, I've been practicing driving. Wasted my time watching two hour video to get a stupid certificate. And went to get a Voe paper from school. I was ready for the test. I was excited for that freedom. Until... I find out I have to wait 3 months to get schedule with a instructor. It made me made I don't know what to do.. It feels all a waste.


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  • LMFAO been there done that took forever but got license eventually

    you jelly?

    • 😭yes. I have my car still waiting for me in front of my house

    • I'm so sorry...
      don't worry though cuz ever since I got my license I never looked back, what car is it btw?

    • 2.5 liter 2014 Volkswagen Beetle. it's a sport car or at least sound like one

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