Creationists, what is your definition of "Macroevolution"?

The classical definition of microevolution is variation below the species level and macroevolution is defined as speciation. What is a species? well the best biological definition is that a species is a group of organisms that are chemically interfertile and produce fertile offspring. And this has been observed to occur, so we know that macroevolution happens. So what do creationists consider macroevolution?


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  • Who the hell cares? Wtf

    • I'm just confused as to what creationists mean?

    • It means nothing but if you want a thorough and accurate portrayal of what these nut jobs believe read the chapters of Biologist Richard Dawkin's The God Delusion which explains creationism and why it is stupidly impossible.

      Mean while you have rich well to do state line Texas trying to make both be tougher in schools which is a serious problem because Texas distributes Textbooks to a large portion of the U. S. Which would force other states to be exposed to this garbage. Smh

    • Don't feed the fire.

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