Is this embarrassing?

I was talking to my trainer that I am going down to just get my small towel to just cover the machine that the sweat doesn't come on it. So as I was walking I passed by two machines in which one I was doing and the next one was this guy (kind of a crush who I never spoken to), when I am about to pass by him when he is sitting on the machine, he says do you need it and as I was in my own world I didn't hear him and I am like hmmm? He comes a little ahead from the seat on the machine and then he points at the small towel behind his back. But now I thought about it, he might be talking about the machine, whether I need the machine or not. I don't know it might be the towel cause he heard me talking to my trainer and it might be the machine he was talking about as he might have not heard me, but like 98% he did hear me and my trainer. Machine or towel?

I replied to him I guess saying no no or no no thank you or no thank you.


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What Guys Said 1

  • What's so embarrassing? I thought you walked by and let out big fart

    • Hahaha lol no. Thank god. So can you tell me what do you think? What was he talking about?

    • I would think the machine

What Girls Said 2

  • Since there are two machines, one apparently open while he was taking the other, I'm guessing towel.

    • But they were different machines.

    • But truly whatever happened it doesn't even matter right?

    • Oh. They were different machines. Yeah, it doesn't matter. I don't think he was making small talk.

  • Omg! I hate situations like that coz I look stupid and don't know what to do or say.