If you were in my position what would you do?

Basically, right now, my life consists of being inside my room, playing games (with friends), most of the time. I go to college, but it gets really boring and now I'm getting sick of it. I don't go out because I don't have a driving licence and I live next to a main road (which is nowhere near my friends). My question is what would you do if you were me? I could get a job along side of college to get some money, and so that it keeps me busy, then save up for a license. I could possibly join a club and I'm interested in music right now, learning to 'master' the guitar and then hopefully the piano, which should be fun.

I get this energy inside me, but unfortunately it's all wasted on playing games in my room. I mean games on the ps4 are a lot of fun, but I want to just have something else to do, I get really bored so easily. I feel like, once I'm 18 I just want to go to bars at weekends or do something that doesn't consist of staying at home all weekend. I see other people having fun and stuff like that, it sucks really.

I would say that my group of friends is a very small group of friends. The only time I speak to them is when I'm at college or at home (on ps4). I basically don't have a lot of friends ;// ... so sad


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  • I'd dial back the video games, number one. You're unlikely to look back on those hours with a lot of happiness. Video games are fine as long as they're a relatively small part of a full, active life.

    I'd work out. Consider a job you like. Volunteer. Take a fun class. Avoid boredom. Get more active. Get out and about. Get a girl. Do some online dating, speed dating, anything to get in the game. You don't need a license to have fun times out with girls. I know this. :)

    Good luck man.

  • what do you want?