I'm getting maced tomorrow! Share your stories?

I just joined a department and as per training I am getting maced tomorrow.

Everyone else has been sprayed before and... how shall I put this... they said, "I would rather get tazed 1000 times than get maced."

So... this should be great fun...

Any stories? Lol

Well I did it :)

Volunteered to go first and everything :D
I smell like Wasabi and my hair is green lol


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  • Great job. Glad you made it without running into a tree or something. In the army you have to go into a gas chamber with CS gas. Plus the use CS grenades in other training situations (fyi, CS gas gets hung up in the tops of tents even when you think it is aired out :) )

    • Yeah, we got maced and then had to fight the "bad guys" off.

      Bad guys being the instructors with pads that came at you and you had to punch them lol

    • Fun times, lol

    • Oh you know it!

      Not real keen to do it again though. I think I need a few days haha hopefully it doesn't reactivate when I get in the shower. That'd be awful haha

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  • Tell them you want to be bear mazed insted

  • I've had wolf pepper spray hit me before, not a lot, but it was a terrible experience.

  • Can you describe the experience in detail?


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