I'm not homeless, but sometimes feel like I am?

I live with an absolutely wonderful family. One I've lived with my entire life. The problem is the entire life part...

I'll be 28 in just a few months. My age sometimes makes me feel like I don't live with them, but more like a man who has to settle in with his parents until he can get a job. I feel like a bum...

I need to live with them 'cause of medical issues. (which I say so much it sounds like an excuse...) The major issues are the side effects of my medications. (my parents are trying to reduce how much I need).

One issue is constant tiredness. I need a 6+ hour nap in the middle of every day. Another is the strength of my memory, which my meds have been slowly but surely damaging for years. I can't remember names or faces, making it impossible to make friends...

My memory issues also prevent me from learning how to drive. I can only leave home being babysat by my parents. (Good luck making a girlfriend...)

Thanks very much for reading this...


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  • Well I must assume the nature of your illness is quite serious if the side effects are sleeping all the time and facial recognitions issues/ memory issues. If you truly can't work you can qualify for social security. I know it isn't enough to live on but a start. As for driving there is Uber. If your parents think you can taper off the meds perhaps the illness isn't choronic?

    Don't get hung up on age but do be concerned with quality of life issues. Are the memory issues simply a side effect or is it part of your illness?

    Surely you can work at Subway or somewhere like that and have either your parents or Uver drop you off? It will give you a sense of empowerment to have a job.


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