O_o Why do some people say that there is no such thing as coincidence?

Thanks for enlightening me on this :-)


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  • Ah I wasn't the only one who said that? ;) :D

    Well I say so because as explained earlier it's either something that is yet beyond our understanding and/or comprehension by forces way beyond our knowledge / understanding :)

    What was a miracle 500 years ago is something of almost common knowledge today :) Basic example: 'Fire' was magic for the earliest Neanderthals & Homo Sapiens :)

    And those that can't be explained are simply those that we are yet to understand or never will :)

    • There is another guy on this site that also said there is no such thing as coincidence but you said it first :- )

      Anyway,"there is no such thing as coincidence" sounds beautiful and mysterious to my ears. I am a feeler and I like it even though I cannot comprehend it :-)

      I also wonder how long this comment I am writing now would take to reach you in India if it was written 500 years ago. Months? People living at that time would say it's magic when you could see it as soon as I have sent it ! Haha :- D

    • ha ha ha ha that's what I meant when I asked that - it was an assertion :D

      Ah a girl of mystery that tends to be full of empathy :) :D

      The comment most certainly reached almost immediately but again I did access it after 15 hours :D But yes for people even a 100 years ago or less it would be a miracle / magic. Why even in the 1980s this was something like that isn't it? :)

    • Thank you dear girl for the generous, kind and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MHO :) <3

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  • ... because they don't understand what the word means. Kind of a dumb thing to say.

  • No, there is coincidence. Those who say that, they don't know the meaning simple

  • Because they like to believe in an all knowing, all regulating deity.

  • It's ripped off from crime shows where they say in murder investigations there is so such things as coincidence witch is ment to mean check every lead no matter how unlike


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