Anyone looking forward to Overwatch?

So far everyone who played beta says its gonna be fuck amazing.


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  • You know it! I pre-ordered as they were announcing pre-order going live at BlizzCon haha! The baby Winston pet made me get the Origins Edition...

    • I was thinking about pre-ordering last night but I noticed its actually $59.99 instead of $49.99 lol. then i thought.. maybe that was just the collectors edition, but i couldn't see any other price tag D:

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    • she's gonna be an Overwatch hero? holy fuck, I'm playing her.

    • Yeah! She's pretty fun and has good survivability most of the time! :D

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  • I watched some dudes play it on YouTube and it was interesting enough to watch, but I don't see me preordering it or buying it in general

    • aww, thats alright, we'll slay dragons in a different game together :P

What Guys Said 9

  • Hell YEAH, I'll probably even be preordering it! ;)

    • didn't know you were a gamer. noice

    • Oh really? I am actually an ardent gamer! Have been gaming for almost 2 decades now. I also have a high end, custom built gaming PC! ;)

  • I thought that was already out? It's on the battle. net platform, anyway... Is that just the beta people are playing?

    • its not released yet, only the beta is available. but yeah its just sitting there on the bnet. app

  • My Blizzard days are over, I am a Nintendo man now, looking forward to Pokken

    • my friends were talking about that game yesterday. at least Pokemon is still around lol

  • I don't know about that game. looking forward to
    no mans sky
    now those are some kickass games

    • im gonna look em up

    • Check out no mans sky, its the most innovative out of all, id like to know what you think about it

    • will do buddy. I'll youtube it later.

  • Ohh blizzard... how they far they've strayed from their ORIGINS...

    • fucking epic shit

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    • marco...

  • Naw man

  • It could be awesome. Maybe. It certainly looks better than Battleborn.

    However, I don't really like games with obnoxious special abilities like this. Halo Reach, with all the armour locking and jetpacks and stuff, just annoyed me more than anything. I preferred the pure gameplay of Halo 3, and in turn, I think I'll prefer the new Unreal Tournament to Overwatch.

    • it was all about that sniping in halo for me, but i never played anything past halo 2 lol.

      i guess this is just a nice changeup for some people who want a lot of diversity within the gameplay.

    • I like the idea of picking different characters, like a MOBA or fighting game, but for a shooter.

      However, experience with CoD and other games has taught me that special abilities tend to get extremely annoying, especially when you're faced with high level ones that you haven't unlocked you.

      When the beta comes back around, I want to check it out and see for myself.

      By the way, you should have a peek at Unreal Tournament if you're into that sort of game. It's still in Alpha but it looks and plays freaking amazing. If you ever enjoyed the series before, it's great to see it's coming back.

    • I am deadly curious to see how Overwatch does because so far all my friends absolutely love it, even if its just a shooter.

      I played some Unreal tournament back in the day on the oldest of consoles lol. It was some good shit.

  • yup, I'll definitely have a look at it even though I haven't played much shooters anymore lately.

  • I don't even know what it is haha
    All I know is it's a game