How do I get my parents support?

Sorry for mistakes here and there. English is not my main language!

Since I was fourteen, I've been in treatment for anorexia, OCD, anxiety and depression (which followed my anxiety and ED)

Two years ago I was discharged, as I had a BMI of 18-19, which was the only reason why. They never really bothered to hear my out and how I dealt with my problems. After a year I was admitted again since I lost around 50% of my body weight and had a rough Christmas and was dealing with suicidal thinking. Around this time, my OCD sparked out, which isolated me from my friends since I was too afraid to walk outside (fx. step on cracks, trucks, trains and other rituals - not to mention I was ashamed of my hands) I was out on anxiety meds and for a short time meds for my OCD. Right now I'm still on the anxiety meds, which always causes me to get really sick (vomit, headaches, constipation etc) Right now they want to start on antidepressants, and I feel like it's too much! I hate having to take pills, since I'm araid that they'll ruin my lever (or other organs) in the long run.

I really want to stop the treatment at the unit. It really doesn't help. I've been there for a year now and I haven't ganined anything. I'm still underweight, but most of my struggles aren't actually food related - I just have hard time gaining weight since I haven't treated my body good.

As it is right now, I get weighed weekly and just go homer after. They only talk to me about food and weight. I've tried to tell my parents this, but they just didn't listen. I'm turning eighteen next month, where I have decided (for some while) to stop treatment. I don't get better, since I'm just a number they have to fit inside a box.

How do I get my parents support?
I am going to stop next month. I'm afraid that I'll never get better in their system, but they never listen to me when I try to tell them that.


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  • They should support you no matter what

    • That's where some of the problems are - ever since I had a relaps, they decided that I can't make decisions on my own, and often refuse to see the things from my point of view.

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