A few questions about his behavior on our date last night, help?

We did a double date last night with 2 of our co-workers, at the restaurant he kept bragging about me and telling them how much he cares, but a few things made me curious.

On the way home, he started talking about his ex, what types of stuff he did with her and how he thought he was gonna get married to her, but caught her cheating and he was hurt, and swore he wouldn't get in a relationship. This made me feel really awkward. Why would he talk about that? Just to put this out there; Yes, he and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.

At the restaurant, He was talking about how he would love to take me to a jewerly shop, he and I could pick something "special" out and then he made a comment "I think she'd look beautiful in a wedding dress." When we got hom, my other co-worker sent me a message saying "Sounds like he's hinting" He isn't, is he? I'm not ready for that. And kind of scared now.


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  • Have you tried asking him about it?

  • Sounds like it. If it's too much for you right now, tell him.


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