What are some of your causes from depression?

What happens when you're depressed, and how do you escape it?


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  • I guess it depends on the severity. I had mild depression from losing what I considered the best job ever. However with me, I feel sad, never left bed, hardly bathed, didn't feel like eating... but sometimes people feel like killing themselves. Mine only lasted few months. To tame it , I tried getting out of the house and doing some hobbies, even a little shopping. Talking to friends and family helped the most tho. I really dont believe in anti depression meds unless you are suicidal.

    • Honestly, I wish I had the gift to overcome those depressing chains of life. I can't even bring myself to do those things.

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    • just try to get away from home as much as possible. It won't do any good

    • thanks for the MHO :)

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  • Seek professional help, get a diagnosis, and formalize your treatment.


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  • no alcohol
    more sports or exercise
    more social
    (dance classes covers both the last two)
    more veges, less meat, more often in smaller doses
    water at hand all the time
    more comedies, less news/drama
    optimist friends that suggest fun things to do

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  • Most of my depression comes from comparing myself to other men. I escape it by channeling that sadness into something productive.

    • I'm like that too, "he looks better than I do", "Lucky guy", "I wish I was like him".
      And when people say stuff like this I'm always supportive.

  • My family left because I'm going through a divorce, only thing that helps is to talk to other guys at work that have been through it and my brother, a lot of times I will just watch action movies when I'm alone

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