I feel fat after every meal?

A few weeks ago, someone was telling me that I'm at the age where my metabolism is going to change and I'm going to gain weight easier. Ever since then, whenever I eat I feel I'm going to get fat and I feel I ate too much. It doesn't matter what or how much I ate, I always feel like that now.
I even made myself throw up the other day after I ate.
How do I get over this... I feel like this is going to lead to actual anorexia or something


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  • By making healthy dishes with enough servings.

    I am actually gonna try it on myself since I am starting to conscious about gaining fat too.

    So there are some websites with healthy and low calorie recipes.

    I am mostly focusing on soup, since I actually like it and I can eat more of it.

    You can make soup or whatever you make, make it with the amount of serving you want to eat.

    So when you run out of it, you will know you have ate enough. you didn't eat more than you were supposed to.

    There are so many different recipes.

    Check out minimalist baker , mynewroots , skinnytaste (careful, some recipes has high sugar level), and some paleo sites.


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  • Moderation, and learn to like foods that are healthy for you and eat more of those.
    You might not think you like broccoli for example, but you know it's good for you. Steam it a little (not to the point of being soggy/mushy) and add a LITTLE soy sauce and black pepper, and it's actually pretty good! That kind of stuff. You can pretty much stuff yourself silly with vegetables and not worry about it.

    I never thought my metabolism would change (No matter what I ate or how much I ate, I couldn't gain weight), then recently I realized that I HAD gained weight, in the wrong way (not muscle, lol)

    Reducing or eliminating bread is another way to slightly change your diet for big impact... Take the stuff that was going to go into a sandwich and make it a salad instead. You'll probably find it's 80% as satisfying as the sandwich would have been, but 2 slices of bread lighter.

    Check out the "Slow Carb Diet" fourhourworkweek.com/.../


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  • Don't stress, it's the stress that will make you fat. Just be yourself and eat what you want. If you're really afraid to gain weight you can always play sport like basket ball the week end


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  • You probably have a few years left... when you're a teen, you are still growing so you can eat a TON and not gain that much apart from what your body is using to turn you into an adult.

    In your 20s, that process is slowing down and that's where the risk comes on.

    Honestly, though, unless you are pigging out on garbage every day, drinking a ton, and not getting any exercise, you are not going to get FAT fat.

    If you are concerned about this happening, you can take steps now to keep your weight and shape the way you want it. Exercise, eat sensibly (enjoy yourself and don't overdo it) and you'll be fine. Get a fitness app like MyFitnessPal to track your exercise and food intake, get an activity band to see how much you walk around, they are great reminders.

    My own story is that I was always very skinny in high school, and stayed that way through university. It was only when I entered the workforce, and had a car, and sat at a desk all day, that I started to gain weight. I went from about 155lbs at 18 to 195lbs at 32. Then I started exercising and watching my diet, and turned 34 weighing 173lbs.

  • It's different for everyone when this happens. I was 25when I started to fill out when I was your age I was 6foot tall and 155 lbs. by 25 I was up to 175 but mostly muscle. It's only the last 2years that I have had to slow down eating do to a change in my job.
    What I'm saying you never know if or when thing will change but if you stay active it will help a lot

  • Educate yourself on fitness and nutrition. Start a workout regimen and be mindful of what you eat. You're an adult now so be one and take control of your health like anything else.

    That said, my metabolism did slow when I was 20ish but I just started taking better care of myself. I did gain some weight however I eventually lost it and now I even got some muscle when previously I was very skinny. Knowledge is power.