GAGers, what is something that you like which you cannot comprehend?



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  • Boobs. They don't really do that much. I just like em. Bouncy bouncy. I've become more of an ass-man for some reason around 30s, and that makes more sense since it's close to the magical gateways, but boobs make no sense. But I like them. I like them a lot.


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  • How professional dancers move the way that they do.


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  • Food! I love to eat and am a glutton. What I don't understand however is the reason why I'm cursed with such a voracious appetite.

    • So what are your top 5 favourite food and your top 2 favourite beverages? :- )

    • My favourites happen to be pizzas and japanese cuisines. Coming in third would be Yong Tau Foo. Haha, our local delight. The next would be MacDonalds and lastly, anything salubrious I guess?

      As for beverages, I love fruit juices! Then coffee, that's why we are going for coffee one of these days. xD

    • I like pizzas , Yong Tau Foo too and McDonalds too.
      I think Gao Yi (at food courts) has the nicest Yong Tau Foo. Its signature set meal that comes with kangkong in melted preserved beancurd always make me drool. Have you tried it before?
      I haven't really tried Japanese cuisines but I am a fan of Japanese nuts.

      My most favourite beverage is coffee. I would get minor headache without a day of coffee, then fruit juices and fresh milk. What type of coffee is your most favourite? :- )

  • Feet. Gah, why. Just why.

  • I'm still trying to comprehend what is it that I like and cannot comprehend :D

  • The fact that the US government hasn't gone up its own as$

    • What does that even mean?

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    • Dude, I get paid a lot of money because of my skills at logic. That said:
      1. Learn to speak English properly.
      2. Learn to care because it's your world.

      by the way, I didn't get you to where this world is and if you understood history, you'd understand that.

      Lol you are trying to lecture me when i am making fun of you? hahaha dang dude you are a different kind of stupid

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