Why do I look so bad compared to my mirror image?


I have a question related to my mirror image.
Honestly, when I look into the mirror, I believe I am pretty decent looking. Like a 7/10. However, whenever I see pictures of myself I am like. "Wtf is this." Of course I do know that a mirror doesn't reflect the image of you as other people see you, Whereas in pictures you can see yourself as other people see you.

But why is there such a big difference between how I think I look into the mirror and how I think I look in pictures? The facial features I see in the mirror which look pretty nice, aren't to be seen in a picture at all, which is something I am not happy about. I tried downloading mirror cameras which flip the camera image in a way that other people see you and I tried to change my appearance that way. But I just cannot be satisfied. I know you should be happy about how you see yourself even if its in the mirror, but I'd also like other people to be attracted to my appearance.

Is there any reason behind this and or do you face the same thoughts?


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  • I have thought that before, actually. My mirror image looks better, and when I take pictures it's like there's weird lighting or my face morphed. It's a little jarring at first, but I've just come to accept it.

    • I will have to try that to, but its something I can never completely be happy about

    • It can be a challenge, but I try to focus on the positive. :)

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  • It's just your mind playing tricks on you. Don't worry, mate! Seems like you're a good-looking dude! :)

    • Probably, but it's sure annoying as hell. Haha. Do you perhaps have any tips on coming to terms how I actually look to other people?

    • Just be yourself, and don't even think that you look differently. That will help! :)

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  • Mirrors are the reverse of how you look

    • Well yeah I even said it doesn't reflect you as how other people see you and I thought that was pretty obvious. But thanks for the comment anyway haha

  • Our mind automatically alters our appearance and even our voice, so to us in the mirror or talking normally sounds different from an objective voice recording, or from a photograph. For instance selfies I think make me look terrible, but when someone else takes a picture of me I look much better.

    • Thats interesting, seems like its the other way around for you!

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