Is it wrong I don't tell people I'm mgtow?

I hear lot's of stories of how people are confronted by family or friends about why they are single and they use mgtow as a way to attack them it kind of feels like they are trying to show off. They sound angry and i think they use mgtow as a weapon. Fair enough that sometimes i see why they would do it but for me. When people ask me why I'm single and why don't date, I NEVER tell them i'm mgtow because i know that it's going to bring questions and things of that nature. I usually just say I'm not trying to date right now or i just can't really connect with any girl i see. I tell them i can't wait to get married and settle down.

For me it's better to fly under the radar and not even mention it and seem as normal as possible to these people, because i know if i say it a shit storm is about to brew! I can see where some people are coming from and i can see why sometimes it is appropriate to use it but for me it's better not to say it at all. You could say that it might be cowardly to do what i do and pretend around people. You could say i might be that closeted gay that doesn't say anthing but keeps quiet.

For me being quiet about my mgtow just works for me and most times i find reading other mgtows comments about saying they are mgtow they say it in a way that i know they know that an argument is going to happen and that maybe they use it to blow some steam off but for me i could care less what people might think, i don't want to even pretend with them. I just lie and then i go about my day.

Sorry for the long story you can skip it if you want.

i need help please! for the people who know what mgtow is can you please help me?


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  • It's like any other 'controversial' position. You're not under any obligation to discuss it if you don't want to. The two topics you're not supposed to talk about in polite company are religion and politics. MGTOW definitely falls under politics. While I don't think it's a good idea to lie (and say you want to get married), there's nothing wrong with saying that you're happily straight and single and don't wish to discuss it further. Besides, how often to people (besides your parents) actually pry into your life to ask you such questions?

    • Most of the friends and their girlfriends always ask why i don't have a girlfriend and i say "no women would put up with me, i have to many bad habits" i also tell them i get nervous and awkward around women. It sort of fucks with their head in a strange way as i am quite good looking, tall, good career, property owner at the age of 29 and am very driven (sorry if this sounds like i am blow my own trumpet). I think it annoys them because i would be a nice provider for some women to leech off. by the way i would just like to say since breaking away from the restrictiveness of having girlfriend and finding the mgtow community has given me more time to work on myself and my goals and for that i am very grateful to the mgtow philosophy.

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  • MGTOW is for losers and MRAs. If you do not provide for women you are a loser and a coward. MGTOW are just women haters. That is why we need feminism.


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