Someone tried to access my instagram account?

I got a notice that someone from germany logged in to my instagram account. I was dating someone from germany few months ago, could there be any correlation?

no one in this world has the same name as i am so i think it must be someone who knows me.

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  • It's entirely possible if you have a unique name and that person you dated knew your name. If he/she knew account information like your e-mail, that may give even more information away.


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  • What was the notice? You sure it's not a spammer emailing you to sign in so they steal your info?

    • When i opened instagram on my phone i could not access it cause it said that someone at "00:00 pm" in germany logged in to my account. It asked me if it was me or not then i changed my password

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    • It's definitely not spam. Im just scared that it could be someone the guy i was dating know.

    • Yeah I gotcha.

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  • Well, it definitely could be him, so just change your password.