Has anyone seen Making a Murderer on Netflix?

If so, do you think Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent or guilty?

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  • I believe that Avery is guilty of at least one, if not both, of the crimes he wasn't sentenced for.

    Come on, do you really believe that he didn't burn that cat alive on purpose? And everyone knows thats a stepping stone to something worse. If you look back into other killers pasts, you often see animal mutilation.

    When I was watching the show I thought otherwise. But then I looked into it more and realized that the documentary was obviously biases and serving one purpose: showing his innocence and leaving out important things that could prove his guilt. Making a mockery of any valid piece of evidence and trying to discredit officials involved in the case. It's a really sneaky way of tricking people into immediately disliking and throwing aside evidence given by the person...

    Now, there obviously were some shady things going down in the case... and it wasn't handled properly. Making a Murderer does not give both sides. If gives one sides and manipulates truths. Really the only people that got a fuller story are the jurors that were in that courtroom.

    I'm going to take their word on it because it could go either way. I'm not going to say he's 100% guilty. But I definitely am leaning towards that. Either way, his case should have been a mistrial and the attorney should have been disbarred for his practices... but that doesn't mean Avery isn't guilty.

    This article definitely shines some light on the things the documentary didn't show that could prove his guilt. www.pajiba.com/.../...a-murderer-didnt-present.php

    • Wow... just read that article and it changes my view for sure. You're right, the documentary is biased. Even at the end when they show the prosecution being accused of sexting his clients.

    • You have to be careful when watching documentaries. Almost all of them are biased. You have to keep an open mind and get all the facts and determine it based on that. Articles are guilty of it, as well. Everyone has an opinion or agenda to push. You just have to find the actual evidence to back up the claims.

    • Yeah, definitely. It's a great story like though.

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  • Both Innocent. Funny thing is I have been following this case for a long time because it all happened less then a 1 hour and a half from my house lol.

    • Really? That's crazy!! I believe they are innocent too. It's an insane story! Hopefully they will get themselves out soon!

    • Yeah haha! The funny part is I didn't know it was about that case until I started to watch it. I was like I remember this! Yeah I live in Central Wisconsin. Yeah me too!!! That stupid car key you know had to be planted. They didn't "find ut" until like what the 4th search? And its just laying on the floor so neatly? Like cmon!

    • Yeah, a lot of the details didn't make sense.

  • Brendans innocent, no question. Avery, dont know, doesn't matter. That investigation was fucked up from day one. Mostly weak circumstancial evidence at best, guilty or not he shouldn't have been convicted on the evidence they had.

  • Loved it. Binge watched it. He's innocent, dumb as rocks but innocent.

    • Why do you feel more strongly towards innocent?

    • Because authorities used lie after lie to condemn him after messing up the first time he went to prison and he was released. Personal feelings were involved and I believe the judge to be biased as well.

      Brendan was also definitely coerced into making up his story with nothing to back up any of it.

  • Unsure and no, respectively.


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