How can I stop hating myself so much?

I'm just a complete fucking failure. I think I'm hideous, I feel disgusting. I'll never be better than my friend, he's perfect while I'm nothing, he's funnier, better looking, confident, easier to talk to. And, I was mulling over the last girl to reject me, I was into her for a minute, tried the whole sociopathic thing where I convince myself they never meant shit to me, of course it's a lie, it did matter, more so now that I'm done yet again. Just another self hating black fuck obsessed with some worthless white girl that could never like him. Always some white girl that just plain won't like me, huh? Guess I just never did get over the first girl to reject me, considering I only go for girls that look like her. God, I'm fucking pathetic...

Haha, ice tried for so long to become an emotionless monster, but I'm too weak for that


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  • I am so sorry that you are feeling like this! If you need to talk to anyone please feel free to message me


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  • There are a few things you need to realize. First and foremost, there is NOTHING wrong with being heartbroken/sad/depressed over a rejection from a girl. It doesn't matter what kind of girl she was, the fact that she rejected you hurts. That is normal. You are normal to feel like absolute shit about it. You never have to force yourself to become emotionless. You are human; you have emotions and you are allowed to experience them. Accepting them is much less painful than trying to ignore them.

    As for your friend, he does sound like a good guy. This does not make you any less than him. You can compare yourself to others for ages, but you gain nothing from it. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. It is a cliche, but no one is. This friend of yours may be funnier, better looking and all those other things, but that does NOT make you any less than him. You have to understand that even with your imperfection, you are good as you are. You deserve to to be loved, you deserve to be happy with who you are.

    • It's just, he's just so much... I wish I was him, honestly... And, the emotions I feel are too extreme, too extreme, one of my friends, a very close friend, when he abandoned me I personally wanted to end him, wanted to see the light leave his eyes for abandoning me. I don't want to feel that, I don't want to love anymore.

    • Please listen to this video:

      There are hundreds of them, but start with this one, you don't need to watch it but it's the words that are important. I sit in a dark room and listen.

      They really helped me, I was in a low place like you and they helped me get back up. I'm still fighting but I'm getting stronger.

      Hope these work for you.

      Good luck.

    • This is also a good one to start with:

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  • Sounds like you might be the typical Anime Character now for the plot to thicken.
    Look buddy, there will be times where shit just keeps being thrown at you till you're neck deep in it. Learn from it... You don't need to be 'Heart-less' to get the girl. Just be yourself. Also, take time out to read... a lot. Focus on the things you're good at. You got youth on your side, try new things and LEARN from it.

    And send me a message if you need to talk, I don't mind.

    • I don't want to become heartless so a girl can like me, I want to become heartless so I never love again.

    • Well sorry buddy but thats not gonna happen, humans are incapable of not loving. One way or another you'll fall in love. The thing to take away from it is the good memories you shared with them and move on. It'll be hard, but not impossible.

  • go make someone else hate you and than you will stop hating yourself and you will hate him thank me later

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