What is your favorite dream/dreams :) ?

These are mine :)

What is your favorite dream/dreams :) ?bungee jumping :)

a home such as this :) what are yours?


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  • I really fucking want to go skydiving. I think it's only like $200 to do your first tandem jump around here, so I'm definitely saving up.


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  • I would like to travel the world one day.
    I love exploring new places and meeting new people:)


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  • I had a dream one time where my wife turned into a zombie and started eating all my favorite food in the fridge, and it was really irritating me. I'd get more food and she'd just eat it all right away.

    Then when I tried to talk to her, she'd just say, "Brarrrrhhhh" (though somewhat lovingly). And I kind of liked the stability of that relationship, except she was eating all my food.

    So I wrote a post on facebook asking who turned my wife into a zombie, and challenged whomever it was to a sword fight (in my dream, I was a total swordmaster for some reason).

    Then my best friend answered the challenge and said he turned my wife into a zombie. I was shocked, but we got into a swordfight and he let me win. I knew he let me win because even though I was a master swordsman in this dream, he was even better (my teacher in that one). Then as he lay dying, he told me that he didn't really turn my wife into a zombie, that he just felt sad seeing me all miserable and wanted to make me feel better. Then he died.

    On the way home, I took an elevator on a subway except to find that Jessica Alba was stuck in the elevator with the upper half of her torso stuck inside the elevator and the lower half and her derriere sticking out on my end. I tried to help her out but she said it was pretty hopeless, that these were her last moments in life, and she just needed someone to have sex with her one last time before the elevator cut her in half. I told her I was married and that even though my wife was a zombie, I loved her very much. She said this was a life and death situation and an emergency and that I'm sure my zombie wife would understand.

    So I got her to sign a form and then lifted up her skirt and proceeded to fulfill her wish. That was the end of that dream. I still remember it very fondly.


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