What impact do you want to leave on this world before you depart from this life?

Personally for me, I would very much like to finish writing my book on achieving a sempiternal love. However it seems like a tall order for me. My ability to procrastinate is just, peerless. Lol.


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  • You remind me of Mother Teresa. She's also an INFJ.
    You said you surely want my views on your concepts in your book in future. So maybe I can try to contribute a tiny portion to that impact you want to leave on this world? :- )

    • Mother Teresa reminds me of you instead! Hahaha, I remember saying you have a heart of gold in one of my antecedent messages sent to you.

      The book is not the only impact I want to leave on this world. :)
      I am also involved in philantrophy. At the moment, I am making small monthly contributions to the community chest Singapore. In future, I aim to increase my contributions and do charity work on a larger scale. With an aspiration to contribute to international charity entities that provide food to people in less developed countries.

      Do you have any impact you want to leave on this world?

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    • I always feel sad whenever I see the construction workers from those poor countries working so hard at their jobs and I wonder if they are eating enough nutritious meals. I have had seen them cook their 3 meals at the void decks--always a huge pot of curry and rice only. And most of the time there aren't much ingredients in the curry, mostly gravy only. I hope these are not the only things they eat. I'm worried that they might faint during their jobs :( My dad always serves them bread and beverages when they are sent to work for our house.

      I want to do something for SPCA so that they would stop putting down the poor animals, especially dogs. I am so shocked and upset with them for doing that :' (

    • You asked me about the stark disparity between INFJ and ISFJ in 1 of your latest messages. Here it is:

      INFJs prefers intuition (N) to sensing (S) and want to understand the underlying meanings and connections between things. They can form a gut feeling or intuition about the way things are going to play out. They seem to have more a sixth sense of what someone wants or needs without being able to explain it or having past experience to reference. I could see that you have more 'N' than 'S' :-)

      ISFJs prefers sensing (S) to intuition (N). They takes in the world in a concrete/matter of fact manner. They remembers facts, places, and uses past events to predict future outcomes, more sticking with the tried and true and providing tangible things to others based on their experience of what works and what doesn't. I could see that I have more 'S' than 'N' :-)

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