Why did she texted back after 3 months?


> I met her on tinder, exchanged numbers
> week later, called her somewhere
> She mentioned clearly when I asked her that she dont wanna have sex on first date, 5 minutes in date and I bailed and just texted her that I had something important to attend so she can go back herself
> She texted me that she got what I did and she's ok with it and told me that we could friends with benefits, I just texted back yea ok and she deleted her tinder right after it and never replied back
> This was like 3 months ago
> just hour ago, She texted me asking if I am still up for second date and offer? yea we talked about it on our first one but I was only messing around and I think we both made it clear that we went no contact. lol wtf? whyd she do this? Some dude I know goes to same school as her and told me he follow her on instagram and her most posts are about her ex and metal bands shit lol Is she really this psycho? would she get too attached?


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  • Cliffs of cliffs OP. Not reading this long ass wall of text.

    • > met sloot on tinder > bailed on sloot > sloot told me she didn't wanted d > sloot texted after that she did and OP replied ok > sloot never texted bak > this was 3 months ago > now sloot texts again she want the D > OP confused if nutcase. jpeg or just want the D bad

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    • send me pics of her right now fgit

    • Psycho makeupish?