Does no one have standards anymore?

So someone on said this girl looks wifey material, like really? You think just cause she has "looks" she's wifey material? And she has all that make up on like cmon?


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  • Lol, yeah, standards are starting to lower, but mine haven't. As a young woman, my standards may not be the highest, but that's also because I'm not looking to marry right now. Even so, I still have standards.


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  • Some men only want a trophy wife. That's nothing new. Every man has a different standard of what he wants in a wife and some don't want one at all.

    • yea cause it was ridiculous the post defending the post i seen on that thread it was crazy

    • Lol. I've seen some guys say some crazy things about what they want... but that's what they want... haha.

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