Should I be worried about how many strangers may have my number?

So last night I got a very strange phone call from an unknown number. A "woman" claiming that she was going to take me to court for cheating on her. Halfway in, I started to figure that maybe it was a prank, because she started saying some very crazy stuff, and she didn't sound like an actual woman, just a man impersonating a womans voice. After "she" hung up, I got to thinking about how many strange people could possibly have my number, and it kinda worries me. I'm worried about how much people can do with just my phone number. If they can stalk me, or get personal information, or harass me in other ways, etc. It just freaks me out thinking about who's messing with me, and what else they may be able to find out about me, using my number. Thoughts...


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  • It's always a risk, especially for girls, when strangers have their number. Change your number (if that's feasible), and don't give it out too much unless absolutely essential. Or better still, have two numbers, one for general use, and the other one known only to people you trust the moist.


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  • I would worry that much about your phone but when was the last time you changed your password on anything

    • My password on what?

    • Email online banking that kind off shit if the bad people get a hold of that it will be slot worse

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