I had sex with my brothers friend? I don't know what to do now?

My brother came back with his friend a few nights ago. His friend slept the night, and in the morning my brother had to go out to work and must've told his friend that he can stay and have a shower before leaving for work himself. The guest room shower wasn't working so he asked if he could come into my bedroom and use mine. I left him to have his privacy, and went downstairs. I was going out myself later that day and he was taking forever, so I figured he was still in the shower which is a separate room leading off from my bedroom, so I thought it would be okay to quickly go into my room and grab my clothes and bag so I could get changed in the downstairs toilet. He came out of the shower naked whilst I was getting my clothes.
I was very shocked and he was startled because he didn't realise I was in there. I apologised and went to leave but then he stopped me and stood in front of the door, he said "don't you like it?" And I laughed awkwardly. He didn't pressurise or anything, and then he leaned in and kissed me. Then we had sex.
I don't know what to do now? He's came round since with my brother and I've noticed him staring at me when I've been in the kitchen.
I know how mad my brother would be if he found out, but if he wasn't the problem I think I'd do it again as I find him very attractive. What shall I do?
My brothers friend is 32 by the way.

I'm 19 to those that asked


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  • You're an adult, and he is too- even though it's not really "cool" to sleep with your brothers mate, as in your brother would most likely get mad at him, and you but this is what people do, people have sex. I know its hard to look at it this way, but he's your brothers friend which mostly like means that he trusts him and that he's a good person, so you could have chosen worse.


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  • If he was taking an unusual amount of time in the shower, he may actually have been "biding his time" hoping you would come back. Then he managed to come out in the very short window of time you were grabbing your clothes to leave the room. Then he blocked you leaving. Definitely sounds like he was hoping for the opportunity to do what he did, and you went for it.

    • Yeah, maybe he did plan what happened. And yeah I was stupid for "going for it" but still, I don't know how to handle the situation now

  • Tell yr brother
    He needs to change his friend

  • Wow...
    you might be risking your brothers friendship with him and risk your brothers trust with you though...

    But... it's you call! Hopefully the guy was pretty good haha

  • I had sex with my sister's boyfriend's sister. Depending on the relation your brother have with this friend, he will perhaps hate this friend, or not.


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  • 32? How old are you and your brother?

    • You're 19 and your brother is how old

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    • Maybe, but I'm stupid for not stopping it before things got out of hand. I'm really confused I don't know what to do.

    • Yeah I'm not sure. But the dude knew what he was doing. He wanted you to see him naked obviously. Not really your brothers business since you're an adult - but still uncool of his friend IMHO

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