My granfather is dying and I dont know how to help my father?

so im grandfather is dying basically and no one really knows how long he has left. The only thing we do know is that he refuses any help and that he doesn't eat or drink enough.

The truth is that i dont know my grandfather, i have known about him since i can remember and i can only recall meeting him 3 times. A big reason for that is that we live in completely different countries. I care for him, but the its like mentioned i dont know him.

The thing that breaks my heart the most is my father. My father is obviously very concerned and worried, and i learned that he cried. And the though if this strong, hardworking man crying absolutly breaks my heart and i can't even imagine how he must feel. When we thought my father a heart attact (it wasn't, but it was a heart thing) i felt absoluty terrible, sad, scared etc, I can only imagine my father experienceing this just worse.

I dont know how to help, what to say or how to act. I want to be there and support him and at least try to be there for him. But i honestly have no idea how to help or what to say. I need some advice. Any advice?


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  • read this book. it'll help you understand what's going on, and what you should do. many people end up reading it after someone close dies, only wishing they read it beforehand. it's the best book i've ever read.


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