Girls, how do you like to see guys?

What looks them fit the best?


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  • anything is fine really, I'm not picky with it. sports gear, a polo and jeans, or a classy shirt with nice pants will do fine.

    ill say this. if the clothes aren't dirty, ill fitting or ultra repetitive [as in 2 shirts 3 pants] then I'm fine.


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  • Guys? Nope

    Hot guys? Yes

    • Thank you. What if it looks silly childish or not serious to look hot.

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    • childish is not knowing what to do with your life, having no future plans, no expectations, thinking life is a game, having no worries. I want someone with goals and a clear mind.

    • Does girlfriend can count as goal or as future plan? Before I had expectations but it just doesn't work like that. I anted to craft my product, nothing fancy just fun someone likes it. Now I dont have that spark to and thought what is important for me, what i want the moust, not to be alone. I think she could clear my mind and focus, this kind youfull girl I found on fb even didnot knew how to keep proper talk with her, whatever she said I will get clean and.. and meet her at her job place.

  • I always consider the suit pant very attractive with a shirt doesn't matter ^^

    • What kinda shirt? Thank you

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    • What makes him normal?

    • Dark jeans , nice sport shoes and normal shirt I don't know how to say it exactly. :) but thats it ^^ except that i don't mind any clothes r okay u know even in other guys , most important is thats the guy wears the clothes well its perfect ^^

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