What would you do if you saw a man being messed up to a gardner?

One time my grandparents had a neighbor who wanted the gardner to do the grass a certain way, but the gardner told him, he can't do what he wants, and he is doing what he is boss instructed him to do and that if he wants he can talk to his boss, but the guy kept arguing with him, called him a wetback, and other horrible stuff, and tried to take away what the gardner had in his hand but the gardner didn't let him. The prick just gave up. My grandma confronted him and told him that it is messed up what he did, and he said''You are just defending him cause you are a Latina,'' she responded to him''No, it isn't because of that, it is because he is a human, no human deserves to be treated that way.'' The prick shut up.

Are you guys racist or just so damn lazy to read long details?


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  • I'd do the same thing your grandma did and probably give the gardner some money for having to deal with that person while he's just trying to work and feed his family

    • Awesome man. Look at no responses. Either people are too damn lazy to read the article or they are racist.