Do you ever travel somewhere fairly often and feel like going in that direction is wrong? Like you know that it's bad to be there/going there?

I always feel like going back home towards the city feels wrong, like there is nothing here for me. Even when I see friends in that place it feels like there's this ache that wants to pull me away from it.

I have found a place that I love to go, where there are things I'd love to do. It's sort of a small town feel, and there is beautiful scenery, but I can't live there because of money. I can't be there because I'm pinned to this city and trying to find work or trying to get another qualification. Everyone in that small town seems to have a job, a life, a reason to get up or feel good about themselves. I feel dead in the city. All these people make me feel like I am nothing


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  • its cool to be going there.


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