Why doesn't this other girl like me? It's not jealousy - she's prettier than I am?

This other girl seems to hate me for no reason. She gets a scowl on her face everytime she sees me and purposfully makes me feel left out.

I'm 25 years old so I don't care as much as I once would have, but I just don't get it. She looks like a literal model, and wears the nicest clothes. She's also higher up job-wise than I am. And she has a great boyfriend, whereas I'm single.

So it's not jealousy..

I'm so confused..


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  • Maybe she sees you as a threat? Are you close to her boyfriend?


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  • Some people hate you for no reason whatsoever. There was one girl at high school who I was good friends with an her best friend hated my guts for no reason, she'd give me the coldest looks and give short cold responses to everything I said to her. I just didn't get it. There's nothing you can really do about it though, it's their problem not yours anyway. Just get on with you life.

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