Girls, bunch of questions?

Just a bunch of questions I found on 9gag I know a lot of them are based on prejudices ;) no offenceGirls, bunch of questions?


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  • 1. No. When I say no, it means no.

    2. I generally don't. The most make up I'll wear is some lipstick, I don't use any concealer or foundation or eye makeup or whatever because I don't know how to use it properly. When I do wear lipstick, it's because I like how it looks on me and it feels good.

    3. Because I like feeling like someone cares about me?

    4. Again, I usually don't. If I do wear a thong, then it's probably because it helps me feel a little sexier, or it's because I'm wearing thin leggings or something and I don't want the lines from my underwear showing.

    5. Meh, I'm a pretty possessive person. I get jealous over certain things very easily. Doesn't mean that I get the right to tell someone what to do just to make myself feel better.

    6. I'm not going to forgive anyone for it again. I forgave before because I hated the idea of being on my own and I felt like it was my fault. Now I hate the idea of being with someone who'd disrespect me that much. So yeah. No forgiveness for cheating.

    7. Yup, sometimes. Not often.

    8. Again, sometimes. Not that often.

    9. Regular is good, but whatever my partner has is acceptable.

    10. Uncircumcised is best.

    11. I personally do enjoy it but you have to do it right for it to feel good.

    12. Yeah, I do. Usually a lot more than when I'm not off my period :P As long as I can go n the shower beforehand, I'll be cool with it.

    13. I prefer to split the bill. Seeing as I've eaten half of the food and drank half the drink or partcipated in the activity equally to him, I want to pay for it the same as my boyfriend does. We tend to either split it or I pay for him one time and then next time he'll pay for me.