Do this chick that apparently "hate" me secretly stalk me?

> This girl in my school apparently really hate me, Thinks I'd be stuck alone when I turn 50 and run out of it, She had me blocked me on Instagram too
> Just 5 minutes ago, She hopped on my Instagram page scrolled down and liked my 5 week old pic in which I was shirtless and quickly unliked it lol I saw the notification doe
> I clicked on her page after this but she blocked me again ha

She isn't really hot and we are nowhere near friends or anything but does this mean that she stalk me time to time? Lol


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  • Yeah she is stalking you.
    Somehow she can't stop thinking about you that's why she blocked you and liked your 5 week old pic.
    She blocked you because she guessed that you guessed that she stalks you XD
    She doesn't hate you i think it is on the contrary.


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