I don't know what to say tot coach?

I'm in martial arts and I injured myself pretty badly that I can't even make effort to walk with my right leg. If I'm laying down or try to sit. It's even more painful I feel like yelping pain. I wanted to tell the intrustors I'm in pain but I didn't want to make it seem like I'm making a fuss or I'm a wimp. So I keep fighting to stay strong. Help. Is it a strain or sprained muscle?


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  • The wimpy thing to do is keep quiet about an injury then potentially make it worse or even permanent by ignoring the issue. Talk to the instructors about it. I guarantee they're very familiar with injuries because of the nature of their line of work. They can offer you good advice on how to deal with injuries. They won't judge you, they'll respect you for it. Let them know you want to work through it but you also don't want to make things worse by being bullheaded and would like their guidance. It's the mature thing to do. Hiding injury is just childish, also dangerous.


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