How long can pictures last on an SD card?

I have a 34 gb kingston sd card i Just brought one last year.

now i probly Sound like a loser, but i love my pictures... what can i do to make my pictures last longer?


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  • It all depends on how often you write/save to the SD card and the number of write cycles the SD card is rated for. The number of write cycles usually ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 write cycles. If you just saved the picture to the SD card and and nothing else down the road than it should last 30+ years. Best bet to making the pictures last longer is to take your pictures and back them up to DVD, and store them in a pace like a closet.

    • Not sure what write cycle thing means sorry im not so techky but i do Save a lot of pictures to my sd card a lot but it has a big memory 34 gb.

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    • Well then yes i do save a lot pictures on there and then delete some. And thanks for the clearity lol

    • Thanks for MHGO :D.

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  • Honestly, cloud storage is the easiest and safest. People are paid to make sure your files exist forever, you won't have to worry about managing your own backups. I've looked into the processes of ensuring data integrity during long term storage extensively because I'm a loser and like my pictures (and other files) too... Integrity wise, there is a low probability that anything bad will happen to pictures on your sd card, but a very high probability that anything bad will never happen to your files in the cloud. Did you get that?

    • Okay :) and what about saving images on my computer? How long can that last?

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    • And its Windows 8 :p

    • Ok most likely a hard drive.. The problem with hard drives is they will fail mechanically. Even if your files are safe on the disk inside the drive, the mechanism that reads the disk will fail given enough use. Like turn your computer on and off 3000-5000 times (these numbers are a lot easier to reach than you would think...) and I don't like the disk's chances. The longevity estimate of digital data stored on a magnetic medium I trust is 10 years without corruption. I've never had a disk last longer than 7 years. The mechanical parts of the disk will go bad before the disk itself.
      All this means is one day you could turn your computer on and get a message that it failed to boot, or you try to open a picture and it says that the picture cannot be opened/it's not a picture/etc.

      I think you should get an external usb drive.. 500gb capacity should be more than enough. There are even high capacity flash drives, for example 256gb, now that you may want to consider.

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  • You have to back them up onto a hdmi cable and then onto a scart lead or they won't last.

    • Don't pay attention to this opinion, HDMI and SCART are video cables not data cable like USB. To back them up you would simply insert the SD card into your computers memory card slot than copy them onto to the device/medium you want them backed up on.