How can I restore power in my room without electrician?

I have 2 bedroom apartment. I use space heater in my bedroom. . Normally after 30 minutes space heater shuts off. I unplug an leave it off for 30 mins. Well Friday the power tripped an no outlets work in my room. No tv, no lights except for my bathroom an closet lights. The repairman came an installed new breaker but it went out again today. It hasn't came back on. I flipped breaker off then on. But still no power. Landlord won't send electrician til Monday. I'm pissed. What can I do? I'm not renting from them again. Dude downstairs was robbed so he moved out.


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  • Something's shorting out in that circuit, unplug everything and turn all the switches off, reset the breaker and see what causes it to trip again. Whatever causes it to trip will be the cause of your problem. If everything is unplugged / switched off and it still keeps tripping, then you've got bigger issues that the electrician will need to fix.

    • Why is my room making clicking noises? This is strange. Almost like the tv is trying to turn on

    • Did you unplug everything?
      Maybe it's haunted :-P

    • Yeah one night my heater kept switching on and off. My lease is almost up I'm about to move to another unit. It's too much.

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