Anyone else think a lot of males on this site are touchy?

I see a lot of guys complaining about women in this site. And complain about other things too... Anyone else think so? 😂


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  • Yes, they are.
    I see why they are like this however.
    In real life, guys are told to "deal with it", or "be strong", or "man up", this discourages them from expressing how they really feel.
    These are the same men that come on the internet, having bottled up years of emotions. They finally have a route where they feel safe to express what they have always felt.
    No one looks twice at a woman being touchy because in every day life she is not shunned for it.


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  • A lot of us have to hide our emotions so we express it anonymously here.


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  • some are kinda bitchy, like they have this really bitchy tone of typing lol. almost butthurt like :P

  • Just simply mention "alpha" or "beta" and the guys will start getting all bitchy... 😂

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