How long / how many drinks does it take a 14 year male to get / feel drunk?

Here's the deal, I know im under age, but find me one person who hasn't had one or two under age. I just had a can of apple sider with an alcohol percentage of 4.5

Just wondering how much alchol (percentage / volume wise) it would take for me to feel a little drunk. Adding to that; I feel absolutley fine, I dont feel light headed or whatever.


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  • 5, maybe 6 shots. Or, like, 8 beers.


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  • I've never drank underage and I still don't drink even though I'm of legal age so your argument towards your stupid actions are already proven wrong. I hope your parents find out what you're up to and handle your ass because you are too damn young for drinking.

    • my parents wouldn't really care they'd just tell me not to do it again and that's it. We are Australian.

    • If you know they'd tell you not to do it again, then you shouldn't do it again/at all.

  • My brother, uncles, brother in law, cousins, friends, so on.

    Never touched alcohol.

    So there you ago. More than one person.

    Ah, and me.
    Though the peer pressure almost made me consider but thank God, didn't go near alcohol.
    Anyway, gave you bunch of person.

    • It's not that I was under peer pressure, in fact I could not give three shits I my peers pressured me to dink alcohol because it was cool. It's just that I'm really interested in alcohol, I feel like I can handle more than others could. I genuinely intrigued by the creation of drinks and tequila and whisky, scotch, bourbon, rum. Everything. I just saw one in the fridge, I was thirsty and I drank it.

  • Don't drink unless you're with family, especially at your age.

    • What do you mean "unless Im with my family"? Im only four years of the legal drinking age (18 for us in Aus)

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    • I don't want to get drunk, this question was to make sure I don't get drunk. That why I wanted to know how many it would take, so I don't go close to/ exceed that limit.

    • All people are different.

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