Do you beleive in reincarnation?

If you then tell me, how long does it take fora soul to rreincarnate and is it possible for someone to reincarnate the same year? . I've always felt like I'm old for my age, I knew what was right and wrong ever since I was a kid and people always treated me weirdly bz I prefered being alone and i disliked playing with the other kids. I always had weird dreams about being a specific person and was always scared of vehicles. I felt like a total different person and I've always felt I belonged somewhere. I felt the place and country I'm in isn't the place I've grown up. I excelled in a foreign language in school and I talked like a native as soon as I started learning and people often asked me whether i already knew or have been to that specific country. I was really bad at studies and failed my o/levels twice. I wanted to know what was wrong with me and researched with the specific informations i had in my dream and found who I was but then there was a confusion. All my characteristics and all my thoughts, dreams were exactly like hers but we didn't look alike. She died a month before my birth (she died on July 4 and my birth was on August 4th?) and I'm confused now. When ever i see that persons picture, I cry like i already know her and was worried that i wasn't able to do what I wished. When I googled her place, I was shocked bz it was the same exact scenery I had in my dream. :/ is it possible for someone to reincarnate in a month? .. I never felt like myself and im totally different from others :/...

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  • I do, but the time cannot be told, as it could be a day, or an eon later.

    It's very rare for the body to remember the experiences the soul had acquired
    from the past lives, but this is also my theory as to why some people are born geniuses at certain things.

    But remember, even if someone tells you of fairytale like happenings such as this
    science will tell you something else, and currently have the most proof.

    I had a lot similar experiences as those you're referring to
    using dream translations, showing feelings for a person you supposedly don't know
    in a dream, could mean they have/had a certain impact in your life, or before it.

    In the dream I was shown, there were no recognizeable person
    just a paradise like world, and a lady dressed in white, with an indistinct face.

    • Will people think I'm stupid if I tell them what I feel? . I was a natural artist since I was a kid, I was into arts, music and dance. I had no interest in studies, thought it was a waste of time. I wanted to do a lot of charities and live a normal life. Once while web surfing, I found this person's picture and wanted to draw it. When I started to observe the picture I started feeling odd ( it's a feeling that can't be expressed through words). And later after my 18 b'day, I dreamt being chased and murdered. And it was an accident! . I thought its just stupid , but I started having the same dream over and over again. This scares me a lot and I'm very depressed. My main goal is to look after poor and I had this dream ever since I was a kid. I wanted to do charity. All my behaviors are similar to tHat person and apparently my life matches up with that person as well. This scares me so much. It scared me more when I did research on that specific person cz it was a 100 percentage! .

    • If it was a normal person then I would have said my parents or family but it's about someone everybody know of. This is just too much for me. I dun want to make myself look hilarious, people wouldn't beleive me either. I dun remember every single details but I've seen my dream turn real. It was real, what I've been dreaming wasn't a dream at all.. I'm 18 now.

    • Remember that the mind tend to find similaities where there aren't any
      if the heart wants ti bad enough.

      I'm not saying you're wrong, because what you're saying matches with myself as well
      but this is probably the wrong site for this sort of information.

      Have you ever heard of star/indigo children?
      they're supposedly people with "old souls"

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  • I don't, but if it's what happens to us, I would love it.


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