Why sometimes I dream about my ex-girlfriend?

So me and my girlfriend broke up 7 months ago (Last only 3 weeks, was summer love).. We still in touch, like nothing on our past happen, i keep supporting her when something is bad, like friends and we pretend nothing happened before during our 3 weeks relanshionship, at December i started liking girl from my school and now she's my crush.

But sometimes, once in while during those 7 months, i dream about my ex-girlfriend how happy we were together and the stuff we made, how happy i was in those dreams.. Is that normal? Is there any kinda explication about this?


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  • It's completely normal to dream about an ex, even if it wasn't a long relationship and if you guys parted a long time ago. No matter how long you were together or how long ago you separated, that person was still a big part of your life, so naturally, they may pop up in your dreams.

    • "that person was still a big part of your life" Yes she was my 1st girlfriend where i got all the emotions and loved being with her.. but.. It's weird because i dream about her being my girlfriend and we are happy but at same time i love my crush

    • Yeah I have been there! I remember being in a committed. relationship and I had dreams about another guy too. You can't really help what you dream, and as long as it isn't really affecting your current relationship with your crush then I wouldn't worry too much!

    • Okay then, thanks xD

  • You have feeling.


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