Bad Driving Instructor?

My mom got this driving instructor that was cheap and taught other family friends of ours to drive. She told me that they passed their road tests which made me think that the instructor would be good, however he fucking sucks. He overly criticizes me and it's quite hurtful. I'm still a learner and it's unreasonable for him to believe that I should get everything instantly. It doesn't help that I'm too scared to ask him questions, so I just suck and get lectured for every little thing. I feel like if I ask him a question he would treat me like an idiot which he has done. When I mess up he laughs at me and then goes on and on how how terrible or unacceptable that was. He like sits there and waits for me to fuck up, but when I do something right he doesn't say anything. Driving with him makes my head hurt, distracting me from driving which then earns me another rude remark about how simple these things are. Compared to other drivers I would say that I've learned much faster than them based on what I've heard people tell me about their experiences. I've tried to tolerate this for a while now, but after today I can't do this anymore. I came home upset, started crying and that lesson completely ruined my day. I've been sitting in my room all day feeling like shit about myself thinking that I'm going to fail my road test. How do I get rid of him when we already paid him a deposit? Am I overracting and should I just suck it up?


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  • Get in the car and say the following, in your meanest, cattiest bad-bitch voice:

    'Listen up, you old cunt. I've had enough of your shit. Treat me with a bit of fucking respect and teach me how to drive without being a monumental asshole or I swear to God I will rip your nutsack off your body and feed it to your children. I pay YOU to provide me with a service, and to do so in a decent and respectful manner, and so far you have not done that. Provide me with what I'm paying for, or I'll fuck your shit up.'

    That'd be my approach, anyway.


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