What's a basic budget plan I could follow?

Never been good with spending. Money burns a hole in my pocket. But now that I have a part time job (pays about a dollar above minimum wage) I really need a budget plan. I want to save up for a used car but still have money to eat out and buy stuff I need (cheap stuff like tampons and makeup, nothing big like clothes or shoes which my parents still take care of). What's a basic budgeting plan I could follow?


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  • I'd actually recommend you not buy the car, used or not. If you can, get around via public transportation, or get a bike. If this isn't an option for whatever reason I get it, having a car can be very helpful, but it is also a serious drain on the budget with gas, insurance, and given that it's used any inevitable repairs.

    Still, some advice I'd give you is learn to cook, so that you aren't having to buy pre-made meals which can be expensive, plus you can get creative with cost-effective ingredients and recipes. Plus cooking is a good skill to have anyways.

    Apart from that, just live within your means, only buy what you absolutely need.

    • I'd love to just get around on a bike, but that's not practical for my lifestyle, and I live in a smaller city so public transportation is impractical as well.

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  • i feel u girl. i think it's just a matter of priorities and limits. set certain goals for yourself. really tell yourself you won't spend over a certain amount.


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  • Cut down on your extra expenses like buying a costly shirt or accessories for yourself and save as much as you can.

  • buy food on the daily, not weekly. also, don't buy things you don't need. go to walmart. put the rest in a bank.

    • Whaaaa cannot imagine taking the time to go buy food every 24hrs #efficiencyisthenewblack

      Of course, I cook a week's worth of food all at once, with cals/fat/carb/pro to within 3-4% accuracy. So, yeah, that totally wouldn't work anyway.

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    • omg i can't take the regular updates about this self-control vs. practical budgeting argument going on right now xD

    • @op- well, suck it!!! :P

      @redeyemindtricks what?

      again, it's proven social science. it's not so much of an opinion so much as a proven fact. it's not so much as discipline as much as helpful tactics. i could recommend having a side hustle to make money like i did with cutting hair, but not everyone is going to do that.

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  • At 65 hours bi weekly (roughly $500 a paycheck), I try to put at least $100 into savings every time I get paid. If I can't do that, I do $50.

    Anything that's left I use to pay my bills. What's left is my spending money for the next two weeks.

  • Basic? Spend an amount less than or equal to the amount you make. That's as basic as it gets. Yet, there are people who can't grasp that and rack up ridiculous credit card bills. Good luck to you!