Room decor question: white furniture, white comforter?

I'm painting my walls a darker coral color like this


Room decor question: white furniture, white comforter?
And I will keep one wall a gray color like this

My first question is, do you think the two colors will look good together?

Secondly, my bookshelf and desk and nightstand are all white. My comforter is blue, yellow green etc so when I paint I would like to get an all white one instead, however I don't know if it'll be too much white? I'm thinking not but would like opinions

Thirdly, I have a chair like this but instead of a dark navy it is a bright electric blue (which I hate.) So I'm going to replace it, what color do you think would go well? Do you think the navy blue works?

Thanks guys!!!


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  • i think grey and coral is going to make your room -really- dark. why not do three walls white and one wall coral?

    • the navy chair would work for the color scheme i mentioned above

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    • That's a cool idea :) thanks

    • no prob :)

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  • No, i think that shade of grey is too dark for that coral colour. A lighter shade yes. The coral is bold enough to act as the backsplash... it would be very overpowering to have all the walls coral and one wall grey

    If you choose coral or grey, white will go well even if you are adding white as your bedsheets

    And finally navy blue for sure... love that colour

    • I've decided to just do a light gray all over cause I'm too broke to get a new comforter and chair! Lol. But thanks

  • Yes I think that would look goood for the walls

    Ehh that would be way to much white for my taste. I feel if you have too much it's not comfortable and I have to be careful where I touch ot set things on. Plus a white comforter shows the dirt and hair a lot more. Oil from you skin can stain it. What about a black or grey one?

    Navy blue or black for the chair would look good.

  • If you get too much pure white in there not only are you going to start feeling like a kaminoan cloner, but you're also going to have a hard time keeping it looking good, just because white is harder to keep clean.


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