If I'm really tiny, would that make guys be less attracted to me?

The place I work at, I've been told by a lot of customers that I'm beautiful, so I think I have a nice face. But at the same time, I'm really tiny. I'm 4'9 and 80 Lb. I'm Trying to gain more weight, but it's super hard for me because I have high metabolism. I've always been called cute (I guess cos of my height), but I'm nervous that guys won't be attracted to me because they'll see me as their little sister because of my height and weight.


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  • Some guys are going to be too big for you.

    A cute girl is a cute girl. But to be frank...

    I'd feel like a giant at 5'11'', and that just means I can easily man handle you in bed like a beast and my schlong will be more than adequate.

    • so that means guys that are generally big won't be into me?

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    • no, I don't think I usually go for super tall guys because I feel like the height difference would be too much and the kissing part would be a struggle :P But if I do have a strong chemistry with a guy, I wouldn't care if they're super tall or not. Yea, I do tend to like guys with average height so that part is not an issue for me :)

    • Now you know that your height isn't a big deal. It's actually a plus in some circumstances, as you've just read 😉

  • Lots of guys like petite girls.

    1) Guys want to feel more dominating, buy taller girls might seem more dominating instead
    2) Short girls often have more feminine body structures


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