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i feel so bad about myself these days. i feel fat, and ugly and worthless. i always have the same problem where i am jealous of my friend's relationship. i just can't understand why i can't have someone to love me when all of my friends do. however, i probably have found the answer: i am not thin. it probably is one of the reasons guys don't ask me out or find me pretty. why is this world so hard on fat people? i am nice, and funny and interesting. I am not dull nor stupid. I am not even ugly. I am so insecure most of the time. Sometimes i feel pretty, i feel like the prettiest girl on earth but every now and then i feel like garbage and like a fat ass ugly piece of shit. My friends tell me i'm pretty and blabla but i feel like they only say that because they know i am not prettier/funnier/more interesting than they are. what should i do? has it ever happenend to you?


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  • There is a lot of men who likes chubbies.(Like me :)) So, don't be worried


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  • Well are you really pretty doe OP? And nope, I feel tall jacked athletic all the time.

    • i don't see where you're going with that comment

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    • yes i am

    • Then you feeling like that is just you trying to find out flaws in your own self which is causing this problem, Only you can fix it.

  • Honestly the only way you're going to stop this is losing some weight, most guys do not want girls who are chubby and you're friends are never going to be honest and hurt you feelings plus losing weight helps your self-esteem. The world seems hard on fat people because most people aren't attracted to them, I'm only 5'4" and I know that most girls aren't attracted to guys at 5'4" I used to think i was fucking useless.

    • so what did you do... grow up? i don't wanna change to fit in society

    • No I only said that to show that you don't have to blame the world and society for this. If you have no motivation to change then you're never going to do anything about it.

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