Did this guy know I was interested in him?

One of my friends from class kept going out of his way to be friends with me so I thought he wanted to date me. I did a google search of him on facebook and discovered he was engaged even though he was still trying to befriend me.

I think he knew that BEFORE I found out he was engaged, I had romantic thoughts about him because immediately after our awkward social interaction in class, he changed all his pictures on facebook to include him embracing or standing / sitting next to his fiance.

Today I saw him in class and he was wearing a wedding ring. the first 2 weeks of class, he did not wear any type of ring and never made it a priority to show me he was in a relationship.

I still like him as a friend even if we can't be anymore more than that.


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  • This is so unfortunate... but I know the feeling. Had the same thing with a girl on a dating site: the click was there and I though I was about to become happy.
    But I was... second choice :-( so I know what you're feeling now.
    Keep up the good spirit okay... one day the right guy will cross your path :D


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